I would to create a canvas with dozens, perhaps close to 100, polaroid-like photographs strewn about it. I have the image files in one folder. In order to create the canvas, I'd have to import each photo and place it on a Polaroid card layout, save and reimport the Polaroid card into the large canvas. This might take a while.

Is there any way I can automate all, or even part of this process?


Photoshop scripts are the best way to achieve this I feel. Google "Photoshop scripts polaroid"....here's one I found that might just be what you're looking for - Polaroid Generator


If you're using a Mac, take a look at Automator to help you automate these repetitive tasks. Photoshop Automator Actions is a set of actions that look promising (I haven't tried them) for creating the kind of workflow you're talking about.

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