I'm trialling PSE10 as a cheap way of getting good raw processing.

Whenever I crop/straighten an image via the 'raw' processing dialog and then upload the result to an online service (tried both flickr and smugmug so far) the uncropped image is uploaded.

Am I doing anything particularly stupid here, or is this a bug? (or another reason to pony up for Lightroom!)

I haven't tried cropping the image via the 'full' PSE editor, but I have a feeling that would work.


First, an overview of how to crop a RAW file in Camera Raw - The steps I take are:

Open Camera Raw Dialog> Select Crop tool> Highlight Area to crop> Hit Enter after selection is what you would like> Open Image

At this point, you should see the cropped image appear in the work area. Exporting via Save As or Save For Web will export the cropped image.

Now here comes the piece that I think you are getting stuck on - If I go and reopen the RAW file at this point - it automatically shows the cropped image already selected. It does not show the crop window or the full image. I have to select Crop> Clear Crop to remove that crop I previously added.

  • I'm not doing "Save As" or "Save For Web". I hoped the built-in flickr uploader should be smart enough to do that itself. Anyhow, just picked up LR3 at a very reasonable £99, and very happy with that so far. – Roddy Feb 7 '12 at 17:02

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