I have a batch of images that are of different size and aspect ratio.

I need to give them all a square canvas (x=y) with the image in the center. With the imaging software that I am using (photoshop & GIMP), I can only find the option to set and center a batch of images in a fixed canvas. The problem with this is that the images that is to small for the canvas, gets a canvas that is too large, and the images that has an aspect (y, x or both) that is larger then the canvas will exceed the borders of the canvas.

Is it anyway to get a photo editing software to batch edit photos in to a square aspect ratio where the canvas size of each photo is determined by its largest aspect dimension? Meaning if a photo is 1400x600, the canvas for that image becomes 1400x1400 and a image that is 500x1000 becomes 1000x1000, with the image in center and the empty space generated by the new aspect in transparent or white.

I might be using the word "canvas" in a wrong way here. Think images with different aspect ratios and size -> Images with equal aspect ratios but different size.


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