I have a Sony a7s and I would like to start to shoot surfing photography.

I never had an underwater housing before, so I feel a little bit lost. Besides, it's difficult to understand if all buttons/features of my a7s will be available once inside the housing. For example, this Meikon housing, looks great, but I am not sure if it is fully compatible with my camera.

Is a7s camera compatible with a7 housings spending <1000$?? Or are major differences that should I be concerned about?

What are good alternatives for my camera? Notice that I would like a pistol grip, which is crucial for one handed shootings.


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You should check with surf photographers and companies for this. Waves are different than underwater and the housings are too. I think surf photographers use housings custom-built for surf.

Here's an article on Clarke Little. He shoots giant shore pound in Hawaii which is the roughest on cameras:

enter image description here



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