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an image where the dominant tones are dark (below middle grey). Also refers to a high-contrast lighting style with strong shadow areas

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What setup should I use to take a picture of a model holding a candle in front of a lighted pool?

I am aiming to take a picture of a model holding a candle light against a pool at the local aquarium. This picture is for an event titled "a night at the aquarium". The pool shall stand as background ...
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How to take a dark photo of a dark room?

I was trying take a photo of a room at dusk. No artificial lights and the room was quite dark - it was difficult to read but not pitch dark. I adjusted the parameters so that the exposure meter in the ...
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How can I keep light from reaching the background in low key photography? [duplicate]

I'm now at the point where I walk around and see light; its direction, strength, softness, casted shadows etc. Now I'm almost at the point where I also understand it; i.e. the science behind what ...
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Does a high aperture impact exposure differently than a high shutter-speed? [duplicate]

Context: I am trying to shoot images that bear a black background /low-key. So I'm trying to understand this subject better. Edit: I would like to emphasize that this question is being asked with a ...
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What is the real bodyscape photography concept?

I had my first experience in bodyscape photography using lights. I created two versions of a photo retouched by Lightroom. Through your experience I would like to know what makes a real bodyscape ...
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Low-key photo suggestions for fish?

I would like to ask for some inputs on how I can achieve similar low-key results for a fish: Current setup: Small aquarium 30 x 15 x 15 cms (LBH) The sides and the back of the aquarium are covered ...
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Can I get bright detail and dark background photos using a phone camera and basic editing?

What is the term for this type of photography? Can I get this effect using a phone camera and basic editing? Are there tutorials to achieve this? (source:
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Why does my low key photo look pixelated on online services?

I captured a low key RAW photo with my Nikon D5100. I processed it using Lightroom, exported it as a JPG and then set it as my Facebook profile picture. Despite the initial JPG looking good, the ...
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How was the light and dark split effect achieved in this image?

Please provide me with the camera and light setting that we need to get a snap like this. Or If editing is done, How to get such result ?
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If I want to shoot darker shots, is it better to increase the lighting and then darken in post to retain clarity?

I'm just getting started - in my last shoot, I was using a 6D with a 50mm/1.4. In low light, the pictures looked fantastic on the viewfinder but on the computer screen, appeared extremely grainy. For ...
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How to shoot a moody and darker scene in day light?

I am doing a shoot outdoors from 5:00 PM, which is still harsh sun light, and the client would like it to have a moody and Gothic theme. What are some strategies to fight against that? My own ...
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How can I shoot a low-key portrait outside during the daytime?

For low-key portrait photos, one requirement is a dark background which is not there during the day outside. I tried to shoot one, but it seems I do not know how to do it. I am using a Canon 7D, ...
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What setup/gear is needed to get this silhouette low-key effect?

I am trying to get an image such as: My setup is a SB700 speedlight, D7000, and a tripod. When I try this, I ...
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How do I hide unflattering body features in a low key shot with rim lighting?

Low key full body portraits with rim lighting are common in photos of athletes wanting to show of their body features. Having models, thinking some features of their body features are unflattering, ...
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How to best prepare, print, and display night photos?

How does one prepare night-time photographs (long exposures of starfields, moonlight, city lights, etc.) for printing? Do particular paper types (e.g. metallic) work better for this purpose? As it is,...
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how to capture low key and high key images without using external flash?

I am using 50mm potrait lens with my canon 600D. Is there any way to capture low key or high key images without using external flash?
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How do I achieve these moon lit dark skin tones? [closed]

Picture of moonlit figures at beach.
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How to do Low Key Photography with Sony A57 Camera?

I have a Sony A57 and a Sony HVL-43 flash. I have been trying low key photography wirelessly, but I am struggling with the settings. I've followed settings from other sources I have found, and I have ...
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