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3 answers

Are lens caps universal?

I recently purchased a Nikon L35AF 35mm point and shoot. The seller clarified it didn't come with a lens cap. Are there lens cap that would fit this camera if it's the right size? Or is the one that ...
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Hammock suspension system: Could Case Logic's suspension system harm the camera?

I've recently purchased a Case Logic camera backpack and it comes with a built-in a suspension system that seems quite nice at the first glance. Here I have attached its photo. Although this sounds ...
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Underwater protection for lenses

I've got a Sony A6000 camera and planning to get Nauticam underwater housing for it. I've noticed the box is often shown (in pictures, videos and such) with a lens, but I can't seem to find any ...
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What level of water/dust protection will a silicone case provide?

As far as I know, the entry level cameras (like EOS650D or D3200) do not have water/dust protection. Surfing the internet, I found that there are silicone cases exist for cameras. So, is it worth ...
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Best camera case/backpack for caving?

I regularly explore underground in caves which can result in fairly harsh conditions. Humidity, water, mud, dust etc etc. As a result I have to take my gear in a pelican case most of the time and ...
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Has anyone used a DiCAPac waterproof case? Looking for point and shoot dust protection

Trying to figure out a way to bring my new Canon S100 to Burning Man, but worried it won't stand up to the harsh dust of the desert like a sturdier SLR would. Has anyone tried one of these waterproof ...
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2 answers

Is the Canon Semi Hard Case EH19-L good for an entry-level body plus 18-135 lens?

On the Canon site, is not mentioned. Is this product good for a Canon 600D plus 18-135mm lens? If the answer is no, which similar case do you suggest for me?
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Where can I find a camera holster or case that stays on the camera?

25 years ago my Minolta camera came with a standard case in two parts. the one part wrapped around the body and never left the camera unless you changed the film. It held on with it's snug shape and ...
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