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Best memory card for my new Canon camera (700D) [duplicate]

I just bought my first camera (Canon 700D) which got delivered to a friend who I will be visiting next week. The camera came with no memory card, so I need to buy one. I have two questions: I was not ...
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How to find max write speed of a camera [duplicate]

I'm looking at upgrading my 95 MB/s SD card to a UDMA 7 CF on my 5D mk II; however, I know that eventually I'll hit an internal hardware bottle neck (after all the processor can't spit out images at ...
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Memory speed on Sony camera [duplicate]

I'm planning to purchase a Sony ILCE-QX1-QX1 camera. It seems to be based on the Sony Alpha 5000 or 5100 platform. How fast of a memory chip, and which technologies, can it take advantage of? That is, ...
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Fastest SD card for Pentax K-01? [duplicate]

What SD card type and brand would be the fastest and most reliable for a Pentax K-01 DSLR camera?
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Panasonic FZ200 SD Card - does Class 10 UHS-I improve performance in the camera over a standard Class 10? [duplicate]

I was wondering if anyone has tried multiple cards in the FZ200 to find out just how fast it needs to be to make the camera as fast as possible? I bought a kit that looks like it includes a generic ...
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Is it better to have one large memory card or several smaller ones?

I don't think anyone can give a definitive answer, but what are the factors I should consider? What are the pros and cons? I'm thinking: What are the costs? the risks? How is usability affected? ...
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What SD(HC) memory card should I be using for my DSLR camera?

What is the optimal size? Are certain brands better? What speed rating is preferred? Any other things to keep in mind? Specifically, I am using a Canon t2i.
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What kind of SD card do I need to keep my dSLR from stoppping every few seconds when taking HD video? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why does my Canon DSLR stop recording video automatically? When I take HD video with my Canon 60D camera, it stops automatically after about 5 seconds. I am guessing this is ...
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Minimum speed CF card required for a 7D?

What is the minimum speed CF card required for using a 7D for both recording 1080p video and also continuous shooting for RAW+JPEG? Similar to Should I get a fast CF card? i essentially want to know ...
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Will a faster SD-card let me take more photos in a row?

I use a Canon 600D with various lenses, and I currently use a memory card with 30mb/s. I always shoot raw and I've recently discovered that, if I shoot 4 - 5 RAW photos in a quick sequence, the camera ...
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What to consider when choosing a memory card for Nikon D90?

I need to get a memory card for a Nikon D90 camera. I think it needs to be class 6 or better so that camera is not slowed down by memory access. Are there any other things to consider when getting ...
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Frames are jerking/dropping on Canon 550D during full HD recording, using a class 6 card. Are there better cards? [closed]

Why are the frames jerking? What SD cards can I use that won't have this problem?
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Best SD Card for Nikon D3100?

I am looking at new memory cards, what would be the best one to get? SanDisk 32GB Ultra 30MB/s SD Card (SDHC) - Class 10 @ £17.99 SanDisk 64GB Ultra SD Card (SDXC) - Class 10 @ 47.99 SanDisk 32GB ...
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The Optimal SD Card for the Nikon D7000

In my quest for new equipment I have now reached SD cards. Now I know the Nikon D7000 supports UHS-1 (1) , but what is the performance gain? How many MB/sec does it support? I don't want to buy a ...
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If I'm happy with the speed, do I really need a faster class 10 or 30MB/s card for my DSLR?

My camera came with 4GB class 10, 30 MB/sec card. I wanted to upgrade to high capacity memory card but I was skeptical, a lower speed card such as class 10, 20MB/sec will cripple my camera when I use ...
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