I'm torn between getting a 700d kit as it is or a cheaper model (ie. 1200d) with a better lens. Mainly plan on using it for short films. Opinions?


If you are looking for equipment to shoot short films with, you may want to put maximum priority on auto-focus and smooth focusing. For example, if you need good focus tracking and not jerky focusing, you need a good body and also a good lens, preferably STM lens.

If you plan on using wide angles mostly, like within 18-35mm range, then focusing will not matter much and a low end camera will work satisfactorily.

So... Get good camera, stock lens if: - You do not shoot moving subjects much - You will use medium telephoto lenses often - You need good auto white balance and exposure compensation

Budget camera (with touch screen) and good lens if: - You shoot moving objects and want smooth focus tracking - You are comfy using manual white balance and exposure settings - Want good bokeh and illumination plus contrast.

A camera with a touch screen is very good for movies. By the way, do invest in a fast, UHS card or you will not be able to record much in HD. Good luck!

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