I took a photo with my phone, and here is the EXIF:

F/2 4mm 1/14s ISO-1250

I searched on the Internet and found that the sensor is Sony IMX134, 1/4 inch. Then how to calculate the equivalent focal length of this lens?

(The equivalent focal lens of an APS-C lens is about 1.5 of the focal length. For example, a 35mm lens is equivalent to 52.5mm full frame.)


The crop-factor is specified as 9.42.

So you have a 4 x 9.42 = 38mm equivalent lens.

Apparently, that "Type 1/4 sensor" has to be taken with a grain of salt. The diagonal seems to be 0.18", closer to 1/5.

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  • Thank you very much indeed! According to your figure, I guess I can take this lens as a standard prime (about 50mm). – Nick Mar 22 '15 at 10:10
  • It's a little wider than standard, the usual range for that is 43-50 mm. But yes, it's close and less wide than most phonecams that I'm aware of. – Henk Holterman Mar 22 '15 at 10:18

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