I have a number of photos that I have manually tagged with a location. (They did not have any GPS data associated with them automatically, as I took them with a camera without such facilities.) I have given them a street address, but Aperture labels them with a different street several blocks (about 2 miles) south of where I tagged them. When I open the same library in iPhoto, they have the correct address associated with them. Does Aperture have some sort of location database it uses to associated geotagged coordinates with a street address? Can I clear this database? Or is there another way to make Aperture actually associate the photos with the correct address?


Is it possible that in Aperture it's not recognizing the full address, but only a city/state? If that's the case, then the geotagging is likely centering within a geographic range, getting you close to the right address, but not quite close enough.

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