I can control my Canon 100D and store images on my laptop via a USB connection. I want to set up my camera outside and control it and see the images from inside without trailing a long cable. I have good WiFi coverage.

Is this possible? and what is the most cost effective approach? I have seen a WiFi enabled SD card for instance but this doesn’t let me control the camera. Is there such a thing as USB over WiFi, or are there any Canon specific gizmos that plug directly into the USB port of the camera to enable this?


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You can check DSLR Controller which will provide you WiFi connectivity and control of your camera parameters. Be aware it use batter powered router so you will be limited of the battery life (from the web page)

few hours

P.S. Your camera is not in to the list of supported devices but according to the author there is big chance it will work.


I know of a solution called CamRanger that will enable you to do that, however, it is a bit unreasonable in pricing in regard to the used camera. The cost of the device in the current version 2 ist about $360 which is more than the camera itself.

I have seen this device once on a workshop shooting, used by one of the instructors, where it worked well.

However, for reference, their website: https://camranger.com/camranger-2/

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