To charge the battery of the Z6 Nikon states in its user manual that the EH-7P AC charger is needed.

However when I plug the camera into my computer (MacBook) and the camera is off, the orange LED on the side that indicates the charging state turns on.

So I was wondering what would happen if I used my phone charger (5V 2A) to charge the battery of the camera. Would it work?

It works with my phone charger.


It will probably charge the battery, but likely at a slower rate than Nikon's EH-7P USB-C battery charger.

According to a Nikon employee's response to the question titled "USB-C power specifications" at Nikon's product forum for the EH-7P (Nikon doesn't create direct permalinks for questions asked at its product forums), the EH-7P has a maximum rated output of 3A at 5V, which is 50% more power output than your phone's charger. Your Z6's battery will probably take about 50% longer to charge when using your phone's charger.

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