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I've started to develop in year 2000 when I was 16. Also I began to write HTML-Code (no GUI, like Dreamweaver, used) and with HTML and PHP also CSS, JavaScript and SQL became my favorite languages.

Later I rent a dedicated server and learned how to manage a server running debian/ubuntu.

Since 2003 I made my hobby to my job. First I studied for about 2 Years but that didn't helped much to get the knowledge I have right now. So I continued to work on my own Projects.

November 2007 I just posted my profile to a job exchange site and get a job offer where I started in January 2008. This organization became dissolved and so I published my profile another time to a job exchange site. Before I get dismissed I found another job. And so I'm working for about 5 Years in business with PHP, SQL, JavaScrip, CSS, HTML and debian/ubuntu servers.

I'm still working on my own projects using PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL.

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