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Hey! I'm StickyChannel92, and I'm a developer in progress. My website has all kinds of stuff, especially some for programming and hacking. A lot of it, however, is unrelated, but that's OK. Any website can have mixed topics about anything.

I wear the LEGO space vest and jeans in the Fisher Price Little People character as you see on my profile picture and on my site. My nicks are Carl, StickyChannel92, Sagan \seɪgən, Saggee-Saig \seɪgi:seɪg, Nibbler, Spaceman, Spacemodo and The Muffin Man. But you can just call me Sagan or StickyChannel92.

I'm also a Minecraft user named Sagan_Siniard. (Sorry about creating that name, I did it when I was very young. At the time, I don't really know any tips on creating my username, but one of them is to not use my real name, and...look at what I typed. 😔 I know I can't fix it, because I need to pay more money if I created my own account, but right now, it's living off of my Mom's old e-mail. The one for Yahoo, but she abandoned it and now she uses, well, Gmail.)

I also have an X-box account with the same name as my site. In fact, that's where I got the name from when I created my website with that as my status (my classification).

I currently don't have PlayStation, yet... sigh...nothing more for PlayStation... hmm...

I want to be popular for programming, but I'm not done yet. However, I'm not done typing. Actually, yes, I will stop.

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