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I'm a cis-male, and prefer he/him/his pronoun set.

I named myself after one of my favorite camera makers, which almost guarantees everyone knows I started with film. In fact, the first camera I could call my own was a Brownie Hawkeye bakelite box that took 12 6x6 images on 620 film (same as 120, but on a slightly more compact spool). Fixed focus, exposure choices of I and B (I, for Instant, was about 1/30), fixed aperture (likely f/16, based on recommended film speeds). I think I paid less than a dollar for it at a yard sale. I first developed film (35 mm, shot in a borrowed camera) at summer camp in 1969, developed without supervision within the following year, and got an adjustable camera (Kodak Pony 135, second version) in 1972. I've been an avid photo hobbyist ever since I first saw a print come up in the tray.

For the past several years, I've been limited to digital and smart phone photography, but I'm in process of reviving my darkroom and plan to resume shooting 4x5, 120, 35mm, 16mm, and possibly 828 and 127 (cut and respooled myself) over the next year or two.

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