Grigore Madalin

Specialized into the field of ERLANG functional programming and NoSQL databases.

Growing up with computers, I started programming when I was 12 years old and I became the owner of an original IBM 286 AT. Since the 90's, I have accumulated a large amount of experience in the field of information technology.

My resume:

  1. Started with Basic, Pascal, FoxPro and Euphoria programming language.
  2. Deeply understanding personal computers using C and x86 assembly language.
  3. Learned OOP and developed a 3D game engine written in C++
  4. Mastered CGI, PHP, Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, SQL, MySQL, CSS, XHTML, AJAX and other web technologies.
  5. Administrating my own web design and hosting business, developing and hosting hundreds of websites since 2005 until present.
  6. Mastered PHP by developing my own open source content management system based on a unique HMCV (Hierarchical model–view–controller) architecture.
  7. Evolved into functional programming using Erlang and NoSQL databases (Mnesia and Cassandra).
  8. Complete understanding of XMPP protocol.
  9. Developed servers for the new IOT protocol MQTT.
  10. Built a massively scalable CDN using Ceph.
  11. Researched into Voip protocols.
  12. Building a custom client/server solution for encrypted voice and video chats.

Continuously improving my functional languages knowledge using: Lisp, Haskell, Clojure and Scala.

In the area of mobile applications' development the following skills help me collaborate better with the front end team: 1. Android development (Android SDK and Java) 2. iOS development (Swift and XCode) 3. Xamarin (C#)

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