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• Software Engineering Lead with 13 years of development experience. • Specialises in designing complex, large, highly scalable, available and reliable systems. • Leading multiple development streams on key global scale projects. • Experienced and trusted technology advisor to business leaders and customers. • Strong technical leadership, stake holder and team management skills. • Strong project planning, communication and across discipline collaboration skills. • Experienced in building teams, hiring engineers, exceptional mentoring and coaching skills. • Passionate about technology, self-motivated and strong believer in Software Craftsmanship. • Well-built software engineering and architecture skills and deep computer science knowledge. • Creator of an iOS app for Off-Road Rally, and an online debate platform TheMuslimDebate. • Distinction in MSc IT from University of East London. • Recent development experience with C#, .NET Core, WebAPI, GraphQL, AWS (API Gateway, Lambda, SQS, SNS, DynamoDB, Kinesis), Azure (AppService, AKS, Cognitive Services, Functions, App Gateway), Kafka, MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL, Cosmos DB, Elasticsearch, Docker, Entity Framework, Git, Jenkins, NUnit, Cyprus, Jest, JavaScript, React. • Strong understanding of Enterprise Application Architectures, Distributed systems, Messaging and Queuing systems, Event-based systems, Microservices, Micro Frontends, Serverless, Design Patterns, DDD, CQRS, OOP, HTTP, OAuth, SOLID Principles, OWASP, Twelve Factors.

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