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How to delete JPG files, but only if the matching RAW file exists?
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28 votes

On Windows, go to the folder, and run this in a command prompt: for /f "delims==" %r in ('dir /b *.nef') do del "%~dpr%~nr.jpg" 2> nul Basically, it goes through the current folder, runs through ...

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What does it really mean that telephoto lenses "flatten" scenes?
18 votes

I believe the effect has to do with the RATIO of distances from the camera to various parts of the subject / scene. For example, if you take a wide-angle shot of a person's face, their features are ...

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What gives lenses a cinematic feel?
9 votes

The comments about throwing the background out of focus are definitely on-the-money. I would also suggest that longer lenses tend to yield more "cinematic" results. (Which is not to say that wide / ...

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How does one take intriguing, artistic shots of older, smaller, historic buildings?
2 votes

How near are the nearby buildings? With building exteriors, I've had good results with low-viewpoint wide-angle shots, with you crouching down or even laying on the ground. What's the lighting ...

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Techniques used in long exposure in a forest
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In addition to the other responses, I would also suggest flash, especially if you can fire the flash multiple times manually during a longer exposure.

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