Software developer working in modelling/simulation at an econometric consulting firm in Washington, DC. I'm really into sports databases - especially baseball and futbol (Soccer in the U.S.). I started looking at math in my late 30's ! I consider myself an ok(-ish) amateur mathematician with more curiosity than my skills can manage. I am completely fascinated with Wolfram Alpha.

I am also a National Team Coach for the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) and so Team USA.

I have a few sequences in Sloan's database:

A293462: Let $A_n$ be a square $n\times n$ matrix with entries $a_{ij}=1$ if $i+j$ is a perfect power and $a_{ij}=0$ otherwise. Then A293462 counts the $1$'s in $A_n.$ It has been conjectured this sequence increases monotonically.

A292918: Let $A_n$ be a square $n\times n$ matrix with entries $a_{ij}=1$ if $i+j$ is a prime number and $a_{ij}=0$ otherwise. Then A292918 counts the $1$'s in $A_n.$

A323551 and A323552; which are the numerators and denominators of the partial product representation of $\frac{\pi}{4}.$ In particular

$\prod\limits_{p\leq n}\frac{1}{1-(-1)^{(p-1)/2}p^{-1}}=\frac{A323551}{A323552}$

Paul Halmos - "Mathematics is not a deductive science—that's a cliché. When you try to prove a theorem, you don't just list the hypotheses, and then start to reason. What you do is trial and error, experimentation, guesswork. You want to find out what the facts are, and what you do is in that respect similar to what a laboratory technician does.

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