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The decline of StackOverflow:

Delphi is 2nd most hated language. Congrats Embarcadero!

Randomly deleted questions on SO:

Why Borland failed?

The Borland Turbo languages where the Cat's Pajamas.
Microsoft countered with the Quick languages.
Borland made Turbo Pascal for Windows and with Objects and then made Delphi.
Microsoft countered with Visual BASIC.
Borland made Borland C++ and JBuilder.
Microsoft countered with Visual C++ and Visual J++/J# and then later Visual C#. The free IDEs and Free compiler languages ate into Borland's sales. Eclipse, Netbeans, IntelliJ, BlueJ, Sublime Text, GNU C/C++, Apple XCode, FreePascal/Lazarus, Ruby/Ruby on Rails, Python, Code::Blocks, etc.
In 2005 Microsoft introduce Visual Studio Express a free version of their development tools. Like Amiga, Borland had the superior technology, but cheaper/free alternatives undercut their sales. Mostly it was the free and open source revolution that did Borland in.


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