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Developing iOS applications for more than 3 years, shifted more than 40+ applications to the AppStore. From developing a one-week app for freelance projects to serving multinational applications for giant firms I gained knowledge in all phases of Mobile Application Development. I have been actively contributing to open source and published a great variety of open source resources.

In Year 2019

  • Integrating chatting based application with realtime updates and group chat.
  • CI & CD with new projects.

In Year 2018

  • Learned to work Remotely and to communicate and code with people that are at the other end of the world.
  • Started Learning Swift 4.0.
  • Created Custom protocols.
  • Implemented Rich Notifications (Interactive push).
  • Implemented Google maps and Google Apis.
  • Integrated Firebase (Realtime Database).
  • Integrated Geofire.
  • Started working with Swift 4.2.
  • Developed application with AWS Appsync and S3.
  • Implemented Realtime app subscription.
  • Implemented GraphQl queries in project.

In Year 2017

  • Started creating Custom classes.
  • Learned Auto-layouts and Autoresizing.
  • Learned how to use Size-Classes.
  • Started working on Live Projects and deployed several apps to App Store.
  • Started using StackOverflow as a Developer (User:Dreambegin, Current repo:+1402)
  • Integrated Realm Database.
  • Added App Analytics like Crashlytics and Flurry.

In Year 2016

  • Worked with Objective-C.
  • Learned Basic Structure of iOS App Development Process and Life Cycle of an App.
  • Learned to create basic UI of an iOS App.
  • Used storyboards and Xibs.
  • Worked on In-House projects.

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