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How can I get the shutter actuation count for Canon EOS 500D/550D?
11 votes

In the 550D you can use Magic Lantern. Just install it, press MENU and then DISP. The shutter count will appear in the bottom of the screen. Updating my answer, the current build (as of today 11/17), ...

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Where can I see examples of great photos from cheap cameras?
7 votes

DigitalRev has a challenge called "Pro photographer, cheap camera" which features professional photographers dealing with old/extremely cheap/toy cameras. There's a lot of post-processing after the ...

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How do I work with multiple timezones and GPS logging?
Accepted answer
6 votes

Another solution is setting you camera and GPS to the GMT timezone and never change it. Then you can geotag your photos and time-adjust the GPS time-staps. Geosetter is an alternative geotagger that ...

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What kind of SD card do I need to keep my dSLR from stoppping every few seconds when taking HD video?
5 votes

You need a Class 6 SD card or better. The higher the Class, the faster the card.

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Canon EOS utility doesn't work on a low-resolution netbook — any alternatives?
Accepted answer
4 votes

Do you have a VGA output? You could set a second display with a 1024*768 resolution and hopefully trick the EOS Utility installer.

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How do you trap focus on DSLRs without native support for it?
Accepted answer
3 votes

Magic Lantern, a freeware firmware hack, is available for your camera and it supports Trap Focus. It's inside the Focus menu.

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Will DSLR models support built-in geotagging in the next year?
1 votes

You could just buy a separate GPS tracker and the sync it with your images. With this you don't need to speculate when companies are going to release a GPS enable camera. Also this device will be ...

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