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Fanis Hatzidakis
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I am currently Head of Technology at Netsmart:

  • responsible for the department's operations, direction, and recruiting,
  • improve company-wide processes through automation to improve effectiveness and efficiency,
  • liaise with business partners,
  • work on improving our realtime platform,
  • provide mentoring and support for fellow team members,
  • ensure technical compliance with regulations world-wide.

Product-wise, I enjoy focusing on scalable service architecture and advocating for maintainable and reliable code and processes.

Technical Specialties:

  • PHP5,7
  • MySQL
  • Scalability, Distributed Systems
  • API architecture, SOAP, REST, CORBA (yes, CORBA), Web services
  • Carrier Billing, VAS, SMS, PSMS, SMSC, SMPP
  • HTML5, UI design
  • MVC, web frameworks

I believe in automation and like solving problems once, properly.

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