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How to find all photos taken in April - any April?
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8 votes

Certainly if you have EXIF tags on your photos, either those written by your digital camera, or those you may have added manual to older photos, this is the way to go. "exiftool" is reliable and ...

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How do non-MFT lenses work on a Panasonic GF3?
4 votes

I have a G3, and have really enjoyed using my 3 Pentax K mount lenses with it. Apart from the physical adapter, you will also need to tell the camera to "Shoot without lens" in the REC menu. Apart ...

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Can I modify my Rollei 35 S to take digital photographs
2 votes

What you are asking for is called a "digital back". There were a number of them available back in the early 2000's. Most were aimed at professionals, especially journalists. However they were never ...

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How to post process a B/W photo to improve printing
1 votes

Three techniques worth looking at, both using open source tools. 1. Using gimp try oversampling, scaling up, using the Lanczos algorithm. 2. Intentionally reduce resolution but provide texture using a ...

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Where can I get replacement parts for Canon cameras?
1 votes

I had an LCD crack on a Canon S60, that I had bought second-hand for about $80. I lurked a while, but was able to buy a S70 on eBay which had a non-working lens and a original case for $25. I was ...

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Is there a sane reason why ¹⁄₁₂₅ is not, instead, exactly half of ¹⁄₆₀?
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In simple terms, the "baseline" exposure in cameras in the "olden days" was 1/125 shutter at f/8 aperture on ISO100 film. This would a give good in bright daylight. I expect camera shutters were ...

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