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Mehdi Maghrouni
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Mahdi is an ENFJ-A person, has had the passion for programming since high school – he eats and drinks programming, it’s his soul food. Mahdi has given his expertise to numerous organizations from being a senior developer to have lead the projects as project manager as well as software head for firms. He has been part of big organizations like Petrochemical Engineering, Petro Tadbir Pars (PTP) and Petro Karan Shafagh Kish (PKSK).

Mahdi is known to be a fast learner who has the passion and drive to learn and switch to almost any programming language the company or he deems necessary for a better solution, after years of programming experience. He possesses the key skills that a senior software developer should have and something teams look for. He achieves his everyday goals by making constant improvements and enjoys contributing to the project that he is working on. He is an excellent multitasker, a person who is able to take on multiple responsibilities with competence and his fellow teammates know him as a hardworking, reliable and a person who is always eager to help and uplift everybody. Additionally, he is a god-gifted entertainer who can cheer up anybody in any situation and that makes him a great asset for the team.

Mahdi is exceptionally dedicated to his work, and is a great team player. He is also very good with time management skills and prioritization whether its office tasks or personal life. When he is working towards a goal, nothing can hold him back from giving his all of us time and resources. He is great at solving analytical problems, he has a personality of leader he listens to all his team mates, ideas suggestion and proceeds with whichever is beneficial for the project in long term making sure he is making use of the latest technologies and best practices, he has the eye for details that matter.

Besides work he has a drive for nature in him, a passion for hiking, watching movies, playing games and loves to be part of adventurous travels.

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