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  • Loves working with open source technologies
  • Java Architect who currently specialized in Billing Domain
  • Software Architect who can develop a system from scratch and knows all the steps in software development life cycle
  • 10+ years experience in engineering and development working primarily on Cloud and Mobile Systems
  • Experienced Team / Tech Lead with the ability to lead and motivate teammates
  • With strong analytical and problem-solving skills using Object Oriented Programming
  • Able to work effectively in a remote and cross-cultural environment individually and within a team

Skills: Software / Database Architecture and Development, Scrum master, Project management, Business development

Techs: Microservices (Spring Cloud), JPA / Hibernate, JSF / REST / SOAP API, Maven, GIT, Liquibase, Jenkins, Docker

Programming Languages: Java(JavaEE, Spring), ASP.NET(C#)

Databases: Postgresql, MSSqlServer, MySQL, Oracle

Frontend Frameworks: Primefaces, Angular5~, ReactJS

Platforms: JBOSS / Wildfly, JavaEE, Amazon Services

Operating Systems: Windows, Ubuntu, Red Hat, OS X Familiar with development in Ubuntu and experience in Linux/Ubuntu cloud deployment

Technical Blog: