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Is there a compact camera that offers secure deletion of pictures?
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Most cameras (if not all) uses the same chip, or a variation of it, to handle the FAT-file system as this makes it cheaper to implement support for cards and so on. The drawback security-wise, is ...

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Do I need a model release to post a photo on an online portfolio?
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If she is identifiable in the photo, then yes, you need her permission (model release). If she is not identifiable and this is in public space, then no, you don't need one. If she is identifiable (as ...

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What is the best way to photograph oil paintings with a film camera?
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Your camera is fine. Slide film will do fine as it kick out more dynamics for you. Use a low ISO (50-100). If you don't have good lighting go to a ISO 200. Higher ISO than that will start to give you ...

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How do I adjust white balance when the color of the gray card in my photo appears uneven?
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For white balance uneven light doesn't not matter as white balance seek to adjust compensation used for the RGB (color) buffers. The important thing is to have a color neutral surface, grey card, ...

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