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How to capture details of the moon?
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7 votes

I have a D5100 as well and was out taking pictures of the moon last night as well :-) These are the steps I took: put your camera in manual mode focus and zoom your camera on the moon take a test-...

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How do photo files get damaged?
3 votes

The only way to determine the source of this issue is by process of elimination. Some things to try: if you put the card back into the camera, does the camera (preview window) display the images ...

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Why is my lens focusing sound lounder than before?
2 votes

It really depends what the noise actually sounds like and how loud it is. If the lens was not mounted properly then there is likely to be a gap between it and the camera body which would allow dust in....

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Why don't most cameras use infrared for focusing?
0 votes

In addition to some of the good answers already provided, there is the fact that modern cameras are not very good at detecting infrared light. If you point a television remote at your camera you will ...

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Memory card is almost full, but only displaying 9 photos
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Try formatting the card (either using your camera menu or a computer). WARNING (just in case) : formatting will destroy all existing data in the card. make sure you have a copy of everything you want ...

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