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A tag is a keyword or label that categorizes your question with other, similar questions. Using the right tags makes it easier for others to find and answer your question.

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A cartridge-based film format created in 1972 and out of production as of 2009. Features a relatively small 13×17mm frame and generally used for cheap mass-consumer cameras, with a few notable excepti…
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a common film format that was popular before the dominance of digital photography
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for issues that are specific to shooting/stitching 360º or 360ºx180º panoramas, rather than questions suitable for all panoramas.
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techniques for capturing, as well as presenting and viewing, 3D photographic images
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ones not made or endorsed by the manufacturer of the equipment that they are used with.
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a photo-sharing web site.
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A common prime focal length of 50 millimeters
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a property that deviates from the desired behavior
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for questions about photography accessories.
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translate one fitting to another via connection
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software company focused on developing creativity tools and applications
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a supporting software application often included with Adobe's other creative softwares such as Photoshop. Bridge can be seen as a file management interface closely coupled to Adobe's applica…
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Questions about the Adobe Camera RAW processing engine that is used when importing photos into Photoshop. The same controls exist in Lightroom.
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Questions about Automatic Dynamic Range or Automatic D-Lighting
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Photographs of the ground from above. Including from airplanes, helipcopters, balloons, kites, multicopter drones.
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Nikon lens designation for lenses with a stepper motor for autofocus, targeted at entry- and consumer-level DX bodies such as the D3400 and D5500. AF-P lenses do not have a manual/auto focus switch on…
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Nikon lens designation for "Auto-Focus Silent" lenses with an in-built "silent-wave" motor
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step by step procedure to calculate a value
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Alternative photographic processes, including historical and non-silver processes and "unusual" uses of traditional processes such as polaroid manipulation.
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individuals who perform a trade such as photography for entertainment, rather than financial gain.
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Existing light in the scene, as opposed to flash or video light added by the photographer
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A question related to hardware or software found on Android powered devices.