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are a set of written, printed, illustrated, or blank sheets, made of ink, paper, parchment, or other materials, usually fastened together to hinge at one side.
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a technique of softening flash by reflecting it off a ceiling, wall or some other surface, rather than directing it straight at the subject
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taken while varying a camera setting (typically exposure) between each shot.
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photo style that simulates wide angle photography with shallow depth of field.
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the middle ground between basic compact cameras and more capable and bulky SLRs. In the middle ground, there is a built-in lens with a large optical zoom range, but still with a sma…
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film that is sold in long rolls (typically 100 foot / 30 meters, as a cheaper alternative to purchasing 24 or 36 frame cassettes. Segments of film are then transferred to cassettes…
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camera feature that allows for easy shooting of several photos in a row
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Questions about running a photography business. May include topics such as pricing, legal, licensing, contract, or others.
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Photographic math — equations, formulas, algorithms related to making or processing images.
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A bag, satchel, or backpack with protective and convenience features designed specifically for transporting photographic equipment.
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the timeless and generic aspects of cameras; even as technology evolves, these things will remain essentially the same.
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Discussion of the buttons, dials, wheels, switches, and menus found on cameras.
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Pertaining to the physical and functional design of camera bodies.
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When you're trying to find out which model a specific camera is. If at all possible, please include a picture of the camera.
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Movement of the camera or parts of the camera during the course of an exposure.
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a cell phone that has a camera built-in.
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