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a common protocol for wireless communication between computers and other electronic devices, e.g. cameras and smartphones
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Wifi enabled SD Card
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a genre of photography which covers photography of animals in their natural habitat
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Questions concerning software running under Microsoft Windows, a popular family of operating systems.
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the transfer of information between two points without connecting them with an electrical conductor.
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'Wireless Flash' refers to the technology/products used to trigger/control one or more flash units using either radio transmissions or bursts of visible light. This can be convenient for a photographe…
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transmitter and receiver units which enable off-camera flash
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Workflow refers to the actions a photographer takes to produce a finished product. This includes the process from taking a file from the camera, through editing on a computer to printing the file (…
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a way of encoding image data that separates luminosity (Y) from color (Cb and Cr).
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a chinese manufacturer of camera accessories
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a German company that manufactures optical devices, including photographic lenses.
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Zone plate photography uses a diffraction instead of a lens to focus light.
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An optical 'zoom' or 'variable focal length' lens is one that has a range of focal lengths at which it can operate. "Digital zoom" is a technology which simulates optical zoom by cropping the image.
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A technique that produces a 'rushed in' effect in a photograph by zooming the lens during the duration of an exposure. Also known as 'radial motion blur', particularly when applied as a post processin…
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an effect that can make some models of zoom lenses to slowly zoom in or out as a result of gravity. It is most likely to happen if the lens is pointed straight up or straight down, but a sharp angle c…
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