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FWIW, I see these a lot. Common causes have already been given in other answers, you need to determine cause if possible by swapping all hardware involved, reader, cables, different USB port etc.. If it's the memory card itself there's not much you can do, NAND write/erase cycles are finite so may simply be wear. What I like to add though is that this type ...


The primary reason both images look blurry is because in both of them the point of sharpest focus is closer than most of the scene. Shooting with a wide open aperture minimizes depth of field, so things not at the focus distance get blurrier and blurrier fairly noticeably as they are further behind or in front of the focus distance. In the first image the ...


If Auto ISO is selecting ISO 25600 at f/1.8 and 1/50 seconds, that means the light you are shooting in is VERY dim. It is equivalent to proper exposure for about EV -1. It might not be enough light for the AF system on your D7200 to function properly, particularly if your focus target does not have a strong amount of contrast. Even though the AF system of ...


Are you getting focus lock? Some cameras won't allow you to take a shot if focus isn't locked. This can happen if the subject is too close, it's moving, or trying to focus on an area lacking contrast. There are settings in the camera's control menus which will allow you to take a shot if focus isn't locked.

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