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Yes. That is to be expected. I cannot find the noise to be exceptional in any way. Any tap on the focus button, or any release would pretty much do the same. Note that the focus and aperture behavior on many Sony cams differ from AF-C to AF-S. AF-S always opens up the aperture and then steps down to the set aperture to make AF in low light more precise. ...


If I understand correctly, it sounds like what you want is a Tilt/Shift Lens. This will allow you to adjust the focal plane to be more in line with your shot. Some quick examples from the web: Marc Muench on Using a Tilt-Shift Lens Using Lens Tilt for Landscape Photography Be aware that these lenses are not Cheap, as in around $2000 for a Canon Tilt/shift.


Your camera, like many modern DSLRs, has a “transmissive” optical viewfinder which requires battery power in order to be fully transparent. Here is what Canon says about Transmissive Viewfinders in Digital camera features: Transmissive LCD viewfinders: This new viewfinder uses a transmissive LCD which, unlike traditional viewfinders, does not feature ...


Are you sure you didn't by accident change any settings in the camera's Retouch Menu? This looks like extreme posterization or reversed color outline applied by in-camera "artistic" filters. Check out this video at 3m:41s mark:


mine was solved by removing the neewer battery grip, then I had a think, and popped a spare battery into the grip and problem solved... so with mine it seems that the camera does not like a grip without a battery. just have to solve the RAW files not read by PS6 now !

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