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I've experience the same issue while repairing a 5D3, it came out that the issue was caused by the top cover flat cable not properly connecting to the main board of the camera. Solved by cleaning with isopropilc alchool the flat contacts. Hope this solution might help someone in the same trouble.


From the Darktable manual: darktable-generate-cache --core --cachedir <directory> I'm not sure what they mean by "when your computer is in idle" – possibly it's just meant to suggest you run this program when you're not otherwise using the CPU?


There are some rather unnatural halos that hint that the camera's internal sharpening goes up to the secret "11" mark: There is no real purpose shooting "raw" if you don't intend to spend significant time on the picture later...


I had the same problem with my Rebel T3i, and through Canon support I found the actual solution. On the T31, there is a movie mode menu you have to get to. To do so, you have to first put the camera in movie mode, THEN press the menu key. When you do that, a movie menu pops up, and one of the items is "Remote." It will be either enabled or disabled. So ...

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