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In general, should you ever incur a problem with your camera, the first priority is to save the shots. Always carry a change bag with you! First, attempt to rewind the film normally. If this, too, is stuck...then you'll need to crack the back and pull the film (carefully) by hand (this is where the change bag comes in). Once you get the film rewound back ...


What you need to do first of all is wind the film out of the camera the normal way. Then one of two things will be true: when you look at the film can it will be a 24-exposure roll and there is in fact no problem; you load another roll, it jams again and you now know there's some problem with the camera which you need to get someone to look at.


This is a known issue with the Nikon 18-200 ƒ/3.5–5.6 VR lens. Some people have reported a simple workaround, some others report the workaround doesn't work. The Problem Apparently the VR mechanism inside the lens emits some infrared radiation, enough that it can be picked up in some cases, especially in long-exposure photography. Although, 30 seconds at ...


There really isn't enough here in your question for anything more than a shot in the dark. In the future, and even for this question, please edit it to explain what camera and lens combo you are using, what settings are selected, what troubleshooting you've tried, if you've bumped/damaged/got wet/lent the camera to a friend/anything that might have caused ...


You do not ever want to change the make and model of a raw file such as a .RAF (or .NEF/.CR2/3). Without this data, Lightroom (and other raw file processors) are unable to determine the proper way of rendering the image. This is covered in exiftool FAQ #8. The Make and Model tags are used by some image utilities (including ExifTool) to determine the ...


I have the same problem with my Nikon D5500 I bought through eBay from USA over a year ago. I have used it for not more than 1000 pics, literally brand new. Tried multiple cards no luck. A local repairman here in New Zealand quoted NZ$400 to fix a faulty main board. Try local repair guy. You’ll save alot.

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