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Is it possible to 'fix' an image (with bad colouring/effect applied) based on a smaller thumbnail?

I can't tell for Photoshop (but I assume the method would be similar). In Gimp I would do: open the full scale image add the thumbnail as an additional layer scale up the thumbnail so that it exactly ...
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Slow thumbnail loading when lots of images on memory card

Any drive connected by USB is going to be slow, because USB is a big bottleneck. You could use software which can cache thumbnails to a different directory (geeqie, for example, on Linux) and only ...
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How can I retain apparent detail when downsizing from 4608px to a 150px thumbnail?

There are an enormous number of scaling algorithms, but none of them will do enormously better than the common methods used in applications like PS. If you want you can try something like ImageMagick ...
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Should I fix an image orientation when creating a thumbnail?

Do all three by adding a “remember my choice” check box Boolean to the dialogue of the second option.
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Why do Adobe Bridge and XnView MP show incorrect thumbnails for cropped scanned images?

There are several locations that a preview image be in a file. Try using this exiftool command to extract all preview images from the file. ...
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Should I fix an image orientation when creating a thumbnail?

The answer of @bob-macaroni-mcstevens is wise, and a certain degree of editing before uploading is something I am considering adding to the features roadmap. However, I have discovered the problem, ...
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Why are thumbnails bad, when jpgs are good, with raw processed with darktable?

Your image contains an embedded color profile for "PQ Rec2020 RGB". According to the Exif, Darktable appears to be the source of the profile. (See ExifTool output below.) Some programs ...
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