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One good reason is a mindset of being literally "done" with the image the moment the shutter closes. The result is decided in that moment, and all that remains is deciding whether to discard, archive or publish it. .... There is often the statement that in the film era, people either postprocessed when printing from the negative, or had their lab do the ...


Banding the sides of an image is called pillarboxing (as opposed to banding the top and bottom, i.e., letterboxing). Wikipedia's page refers to the technique you describe as "stylized pillarboxing" or "echo pillarboxing".


Use LR's "Auto-Stack by Capture Time" feature (Photos/Stacking/Auto-Stack ...). This will group your images based on the amount of time between stacks, and you can adjust it for more or less time, until you get the right balance to collect most of your related images in a single stack. In a perfect world, you could select a collapsed stack and view the ...

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