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If I was building a studio I would start with a cyclorama- a curved wall spanning the 90º angle of one of the room's corners and curves out onto part of the floor and painted white. This kind of room configuration gives you enormous flexibility with the type & size of products/subject matter and lighting configurations. If your intended subject matter is ...


Those things you must have in your list for a basic product shoot studio are that: White background White bounce cards made of foam Table Tape Plenty of lighting Table cloths Binder clips Props Regarding backdrop, about the same number of consumers (38%) say they’re most likely to buy a product if the images have a plain white background as the number who ...


Thanks for your replies. I can't post the pic from my phone right now. I see now you are of course correct. There simply were hardly any mid tones in the image. ( It was a red wine bottle on a big bright background) It was good for me to realise this. I understand better now. Thanks again!


There is no such thing as a "good" or "correct" histogram... the shape and placement of the histogram should reflect the subject/scene recorded. E.g. that histogram looks about right for a picture of a red wine bottle (dark bottle/label) on a white background. This image of mine also has nearly no mid-tones in the histogram; and it shouldn't.


The most obvious answer is because everything in the scene is either very dark or very light, with not many mid-tones for your camera to capture. Especially when using flash in a dark environment (such as many studio settings where there is little ambient light in order to allow precise control of the light from flashes), highly reflective objects will ...

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