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External contacts could have gotten bent and shorted together (card socket, or lens mount). Some flex cable got knocked out of its socket. https://yapp.kim/upsers/ https://ffile.me/bluestacks/


Assuming it happens with a known good lens (or no lens at all): The shutter is about the only essential moving part in an a6000 - there is no mirror, no aperture actuator, no AF motor, no IBIS (there is a sensor cleaning mechanism with an ultrasonic actuator, though). It would be a likely candidate. Sony FAQs say that this message indicates either a ...


Thanks to all for helping me find how to set RAW and just learn in general.


According to Sony, their Imaging Edge Mobile app replaces Sony Play Memories: The Imaging Edge™ Mobile app is the successor to the PlayMemories Mobile™ app. All the features from the previous app can be used in Imaging Edge Mobile. However, this seems to also be a cloud-based solution, at least in part. Images transferred through Imaging Edge can be up ...

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