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Another option would be to create a zip file of each photo with a different password. Pretty much any program that makes zip files has an option for adding password protection to it. It would be somewhat laborious. You could use a smaller, resized version of the image as the index on the website, and then link it to the zip so that it downloads when they ...


Yuck. Likely faster to get a better scanner. Try this: Use an image of an 18% grey card. This will give you a non-saturated grey to work with. When you're shooting the greycard, make a range of exposures. In Gimp take your image, ups the range to 16 bit, divides it by the grey image chosen, then downsamples back to whatever format you choose for ...


Assuming that what you get without a negative is a mostly white field with even whiter corners, you can try to use that by adding it as layer in Gimp and setting it to "Divide" mode.

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