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Nature Photographer at Work (Really!) To put concerned bystanders at ease, you want to make sure they understand the situation. So the most effective message is likely to be a direct one. Colorful jokes may work sometimes, but if people don't understand what's going on, they may feel compelled to verify. I'd suggest having the same, direct message on a yard ...


What if she just don't let others see her by camouflaging herself. It might work in some places.


A blanket or equivalent, as suggested in the comments, looks like the best solution to me.


Take a leaf out of Terry Pratchett's book (or some of his books at least :) and just put up a little sign beside her that says: "I ate'nt dead"


Scootbb has a great answer, but I would suggest that you have some custom shirts, hoodies or jackets made for her with wording on the back. Bonus points for you if you give them to her as a gift. On the back it could say "I am not dead or injured, just taking photos" or any wording you feel is appropriate. This may preferable to carrying a sign. ...


While this is a rare instance of need, it's a shame there isn't a photographic equivalent of the red field with white diagonal stripe "diver down" flag, or the more internationally-recognized blue-and-white "Alpha" flag. Perhaps she could fashion her own "photographer in action" sign, with a combination of symbols for instant ...

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