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How can I search for pictures containing two people in Lightroom?

Assuming that the photos are tagged with the name of the person as keyword you can do it with these two ways: Using the Textsearch: Go to the library menu in Lightroom. Select the library filter "...
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in Lightroom, how to search only B&W photos?

Allright, so here's the good workaround. There's no way to find b&w photos, but you can make a "smart collection". And there is choice for colorspace. I had to choose "grayscale" for tiff files ...
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In LightRoom Classic how can I filter all photos which are part of a stack, but not on top of a stack?

John Ellies mentions on an embarrassingly simple way how to do it natively in LR: Select a folder, collection, or All Photographs. Do Photo > Stacking > Collapse All Stacks. ...
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Find the image online based on location?

That would be quite difficult. The photographer would need to: Upload the photo to a public site (Website, flickr, instagram, etc...). If they just post it to their Facebook, you may need to be ...
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Search large collection of images for exif tags without lightroom/aperture etc

Geosetter is a very capable editor for photo metadata that is built on on top of Exiftool and can do this with a GUI. You can display your photos folder by folder (default) but you can also go to the ...
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Looking for a fuzzy image comparison tool (not online, but for harddrive search)

I’ve successfully done something like this in the past for an entirely different reason. You’ll probably need someone who can code to package this up and loop through your drive, but the approach I ...
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Is there a Reverse Image search for images on a hard drive?

Is there a tool that would allow me to do an online similarity search without having to upload them to the web? At this time, there is no tool to allow anyone to do an online search without uploading ...
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Is there a free visual similarity image local hard drive search? is a browser-based finder of similar photos on your hard drive I developed. It does not allow to delete files, only shows groups of similar images, also as a list of files in text ...
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