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What can I do when I suddenly cannot view older photos taken with my camera while on vacation?

The card has probably developed an error. Flash cards (including SD cards) have a limited number of writes, and, while the expected number is large, sometimes failures happen early. Or it could simply ...
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what is the highest capacity sdhc card I can use in my Nikon D 40 camera?

According to Nikon's support page, Approved SD cards for D40, 4 GB is the highest-capacity supported SDHC cards. And note, "Other brands and capacities of cards may work, but Nikon cannot ...
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What will happen if I use my phone's memory card in a Nikon D5200?

There shouldn't be an issue (the camera shouldn't be able to discern between a regular SD card and a micro SD in an adapter), just be aware that the camera might want you to format the card (and even ...
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Can i do any damage by formatting my memory card to clear it, on a regular basis?

From the card's perspective, there really isn't any difference between what the camera does while formatting and when it's writing pictures. It's all just data written to blocks on the device* and ...
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Format SDXC card to be compatible with SDHC?

SDHC and SDXC are descriptions of the card formats (Secure Digital High Capacity and eXtended Capacity). SDHC only supports cards of less than 32GB, while SDXC supports cards with more than 32GB. If ...
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Format SDXC card to be compatible with SDHC?

From Lexar Website: "SDXC is an SD memory card format that is based on the SDA 3.0 specification. SD and SDHC cards are based on the SDA 2.0 specification. SDXC memory cards use the newer “exFAT” ...
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PC won't open my SDHC card, sees no partition

It is possible that the card does not have a partition table. I have encountered a few problematic cards that were formatted this way. In these cases, the card was formatted with a file system, but no ...
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Can i do any damage by formatting my memory card to clear it, on a regular basis?

Can this harm the SD card or is it ok? It's more than OK. It can actually be beneficial. You're much more likely to extend the life of the card, as compared to never formatting and only erasing ...
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