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Simple, put toothpaste on cotton swab. gently rub over area of LPF scratch. let sit 10-20 minutes. now clean the LPF with water(damp swabs), and then complete with sensor cleaning solution.The LPF scratch should not be visible in photos any more. test with bright sky background photos.


It sounds like you may have bent the aperture lever in the camera body that contacts the aperture lever on the back of the lens. Or you may have bent the lever on the back of the lens that the camera's lever pushes to stop down the aperture just before the shutter opens. This is a fairly common problem when changing lenses on cameras that still use ...


The most common cause for the Err message is an issue with the aperture control. A lack of aperture control would also likely affect metering and quite probably live-view (exposure preview). Since you cleaned the contacts on the lens I would assume it's not an older lens with a manual aperture ring (which needs to be locked in the minimum aperture position)....

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