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So turns out my guesses were completely wrong. I did end up opening the camera and putting some drops of oil in recommended places, which didn't end up solving the issue. However, during this process I removed the battery for the built in light meter. The original 1.3V battery is not really available anymore but I found out that a standard 1.4V hearing aid ...


Yes, that is removed by a caliper. It will disfigure very easily so don't guess at it. If memory serves it unscrews clockwise, but you haven't given the camera model so don't hold me to that. BTW, you shouldn't 'oil' a sticking mirror. You will just add to the problem. Clean the lever's movements with lighter fluid or electronics cleaner and cotton ...


The old grease will keep running into mechanism. The only way to eliminate the problem is to do a complete CLA. It needs to be flushed and cleaned of all grease, then properly relubed with new grease. Since it is a 200mm it has alot of grease in its long helicoid. If you are not comfortable with a complate disassembly then you should sell it for parts and ...


My guess based on what you have described is that the sensor is bad. Black image on the lcd, even on playback and when viewed on the computer. No, your brother didn't break it. It happens. Look for another used camera. A repair would be too expensive. I'm assuming you didn't leave the lens cap on. That happens too.

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