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It appears that you have the counter space but not the sink space, to put three large trays side by side. Think outside the sink. You do not necessarily need a sink large enough for all the trays, you could bridge the sink with a board or boards and place your trays on them. Paint the board with an epoxy floor paint. The board could have a cut out for the ...


Soft kitchen sponges and plastic gloves (the kind you use for dishwashing). Expect longer times than when submerging.


No need for all that, you lay the un-developed print on a plastic drop cloth. Have the developer, stop and fixer in a plastic pail. Using a large brush, such as wallpaper's use to apply wall paste. Soak the brush in the developer, apply to the print. You can also use a paint roller. This is all done under safelight. Next stop with stop bath or use plain ...

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