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Here is a side by side comparison of detail (A is on the left and B is on the right): Image A certainly seems to have greater contrast and dynamic range compared to B, which appears to be more washed out and have less detail. In B the difference between the brighter areas and darker areas is less than in A. So, based on that, I would guess A is the prime. ...


As to camera lenses – The Planar, created in 1890 by Paul Rudolph was the first anastigmatic lens design. This design consisted of 6 lens elements and was marketed by Carl Zeiss in 1893 with an aperture of f/3.5. From this design, every possible modification has been tried. As different types of optical glass become available, it is now possible to reduce ...


The top one is slightly sharper. Both can be "fixed" in post-production especially if taken in RAW.


I'd say that regarding contrast/saturation and sharpness, the first image appears to be in front, but of course slight differences in cloudiness and autofocus can also cause different results. And also, of course, lens quality differences have a lot more possible causes than zoom/prime.

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