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Do keep in mind that there would still be a big factor limiting the use of eg an f1.2 stabilized prime: If you are in the shutter speed range where camera shake becomes a potential problem... subject motion also does. People, foliage, vehicles... move. Neither OSS nor tripods help with it. One reason to use ultrafast primes wide open in low light situations -...


The Tamron SP 45mm F/1.8 Di VC USD is the exception to the rule: I own it and use it on the EOS 6D, it is a very fine lens with image stabilization and weather proofing too.


I do lots of lansdcape work and as you get older like me I appreciate all the help I can get with IS lenses that allow me to handhold at f8 to f11 without my Benbo! so IS is great for me.

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