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Is there still a place for skin smoothing programs like portraiture 4.0 with AI

"Similar efforts" is relative. A skilled retoucher can do an excellent job with Ps only. The thing is if you want to learn to do it by hand if you have the time or you need some fast ...
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Landscape lens vs portrait lens

Portraits imaged using a wide-angle lens are seldom ever flattering. That’s because features nearer the camera like the nose, are exaggerated as to size and features like the ears are imaged too small....
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Landscape lens vs portrait lens

What do you mean when you say a lens is "branded" as a portrait lens or a landscape lens? I've seen lenses being listed as suitable for portrait photography or landscape photography, but ...
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Landscape lens vs portrait lens

There are "portrait lenses" (in the sense that they are designed specifically for portrait photography or at least that portrait is one of their main uses) but AFAIK there are no landscape ...
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