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Where can I find sample Raw images?

As all three links from the dcraw FAQ no longer work I would recommend this:
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Hummingbird photography with a Nikon D5300

One of our local photography club members specializes in Hummmingbird shots. I'll explain his approach as best I can. First and foremost, he achieves gorgous stop-action of the wings with partial ...
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What is called when two pictures are combined

A combination of multiple photographs is a "photomontage". More generally, the process of combining visual elements from multiple sources to form a single image is called "compositing&...
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Hummingbird photography with a Nikon D5300

You are wanting to freeze the motion of the wings which move extremely fast... That's typically going to require shutter speeds around 1/2000 or faster; which means you need strong light or higher ISO ...
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