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I have the LP180R, a Sony α6000, and the Phottix Odin II for Sony MIS. I got a firmware update from Lumopro which allows the LP180R to be put into Odin Sony Rx mode. The Odin II gives full manual control over flash power and zoom, and does give HSS option. Seems to work on fill flash, slow sync, rear curtain, and wireless settings on the α6000. ...


If you attach the transmitter to your camera's hotshoe and the receiver to the foot of the flash, they will work to trigger the flash off-camera. But you cannot use TTL, HSS, 2nd curtain, or control the power level of the flash from the transmitter. The Ares II are manual-only triggers. The Strobist recommends them for pro-level reliability, not for ...


Assuming you mean the Phottix Laso TTL Flash Trigger Receiver (For Canon) it should work. (Do note that at the link in the previous sentence Laso discloses that the receiver you are considering is not compatible with Multi flash. Multi Flash is what Canon uses to describe a sequence of multiple stroboscopic flashes fired while the shutter remains open for a ...


So I asked a Phottix rep same question and here is his answer: You have to set the flash on TTL, mounted on an Odin 2 receiver, and from there you can set the flash intensity on both TTL and Manual on the Odin 2 transmitter. I tested it out and it indeed is working (based on the images taken, not on the flash LCD)

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