That's not going to happen, I'm afraid. Samsung 500T is all you're ever going to extract from that image. Aside from the fact that it was shot in very low light with a flash, which has swamped a lot of it, it's also been sized up & perhaps sharpened from a much smaller image by the looks of it. This will not gain any information. You cannot create ...


Now the usual chromatic aberration patterns are purple/green and red/cyan but is green and red possible through simply shooting the photo? What photo? The video linked in the question is computer generated video. Each frame is computer generated, not a photo. If you wish to see green and red CA in a photo it's fairly easy to do. Just use negative film ...


Some scenes in the computer-generated video may be intended to be viewed with anaglyph 3D glasses. Red-green chromatic aberration is not normally possible because green is in the "middle" of the spectrum when colors are separated (with red and blue on either side).

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