If you have guides to align shoulders/lower edge and possibly the center of the t-shirt, you don't need to play with opacity to align on a model. I don't know PS, but with Gimp: There is an ofn-preset-guides script to create custom guides with a single keystroke There is an ofn-file-next script that does "Save & close current image, open next" that can ...


You are either using the profile incorrectly/in the wrong place, or it is a bad/broken profile. If you set it as the monitor's profile in system display settings it is a bad profile. If you are selecting it elsewhere, such as for softproofing, you are using it incorrectly.


From the comments: If you show me an alogrithm capable doing this, I am more than happy to automate it. For a software approach I would try to use OpenPose, a deep-learning based human posture tracking stack. They have pre-packaged builds so you don't need to recompile anything yourself. You just need to download the neural network model, put stuff in ...

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