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Image rejected by Shutterstock because the main subject is out of focus and it contains noise

I think your artistic decisions in this image are fine, and it is a worthy effort, but I also think that is exactly why Shutterstock rejected your image: they don't buy art. I would suggest that ...
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Image rejected by Shutterstock because the main subject is out of focus and it contains noise

Doing an edge detection, this is where your image is sharp: If I draw a rectangle around it, it is 475x514 pixels, or 244kpx² out of 4600kpx². That's just 5%! Even for a picture with blurred ...
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Image rejected by Shutterstock because the main subject is out of focus and it contains noise

At least as of a few years ago, there was no "algorithm". The only automated reason for a rejection, when I was there, was submitting an identical image to one already on the system. ...
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Does the loss of quality of jpeg files occur in each copy?

File copy is a lossless operation. Disks usually hace CRC checks in place to detect if a sector is corrupted but the act of copying is a 1:1 bit copy, so each copy is exactly identical to the previous....
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Image rejected by Shutterstock because the main subject is out of focus and it contains noise

I could see their point if it was a human rejection - just wanted a bit more of it to be sharp. There's really only a couple of the buds close to being properly sharp. I could see them wanting at ...
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Image rejected by Shutterstock because the main subject is out of focus and it contains noise

Here are a few suggestions that will help you for future submissions. Image Caption / Image Title The correct description plays a huge role in the image being accepted or not. An image such as this, ...
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How to become a wedding photographer?

The Serious Answer I'm going to answer this question under the assumption that you already know your way around a camera, and that you're not trying to learn the skills, but rather are just trying to ...
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Image rejected by Shutterstock because the main subject is out of focus and it contains noise

On the focus front, you have a single stalk of blossoms in focus, and many more of the same sort out of focus directly behind the subject; this may have caused either an algorithm or a person tasked ...
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Why is my Pentax LX engraved with the name of famous Japanese photographer Masaaki Nakagawa?

Really fascinating question, I felt compelled to look into it to find out! I'd say there are 3 possible answers to this: The most likely answer: Pentax engraved the first owners name (Masaaki ...
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Is copying a photo idea legal?

In general, copyright covers specific expression of an idea, not the idea itself. Also, while law does vary by jurisdiction, international treaties make this aspect, at least, fairly consistent. ...
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Which photographer created "planet" named photos of chicken entrails?

Frederick Sommer Venus, Jupiter and Mars
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Does anyone know the photographer?

The photographer is Anthony Goicolea (Wikipedia article). The photo you posted is the sixth in a series of 26 fairy tale characters ("F is for Frog Prince...") (See also partial collection of the ...
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What gear does Robbie Lawrence use?

I love Robbie's work, so I researched a bit about his gear as well. As someone commented, it could have been any gear! His photography is about narrative as well as aesthetics that light and colors ...
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What gear does Robbie Lawrence use?

Robbie Lawrence has likely used multiple cameras and lenses. Based on the Exif info in some photographs, equipment used includes: Canon EOS 5D Mark II Canon EF 50/1.4 USM Adobe Photoshop and ...
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Finding A Book Of Black And White Nature / Landscape Photos By An American Photographer Working In the Early to Mid 20th Century

It was Wynn Bullock and I think this was the book: Here are a few of the images I remembered:
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What camera did the photographer August Sander use?

From a comment on a discussion thread at photo.net regarding the subject: According to a letter Sander wrote in 1925 to Prof. Dr. Erich Stenger, "I use Zeiss lenses, an orthochromatic plate with ...
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Good health practices for photographers

Let's see what photography is similar to.... while deferring to existing advice. Outdoor sport. Hiking especially. Advice for hikers should apply here. Some similarities to team sport too if we are ...
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Good health practices for photographers

Some good general health practices to consider: If you have special health needs, consult an appropriate medical provider. Use medical providers that follow standard medical guidelines. In the United ...
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How to make photo post production for a new photographer

Given the general nature of your question, I can only offer generalized advice on the topic. The general rule of thumb for expertise in any subject is 10k hours of deliberate practice. This applies to ...
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What film and developer did Harold Feinstein use?

On his web site, in a comment on the post Available light: Coney Island at Night Harold Feinstein has supported pushing TRI-X (from 200 to 1600) by developing with Diafine for low light photography.
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What photography book changed the way you look at the world?

For me, it was Uncommon Places by Stephen Shore. I primarily shoot black and white, but seeing his work in color made me start looking for more opportunities to shoot in color, and his focus on the ...
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How focused should a local photographer's website be?

I’m in a similar position (web dev/photog). Here’s how most photographers tackle this: First, remember that the web is dynamic, as I’m sure you understand. That said, nothing is in stone so your site ...
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Is copying a photo idea legal?

It is not inherently bad to copy an idea, though your actions could make it immoral. When learning, especially studio lighting, it is commonplace to copy images to recreate scenes. When shooting ...
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Interesting editing style

Basically a fairly flat contrast curve, fairly warm color balance, and a bit of post including smooth gradient vignette (seemingly darkening the upper half of images more?) and some burning and ...
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