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To me, the best tripod is the one you have with you. And so it’s more a matter of how the photographer works than anything else. A good choice for the studio might not be good for a photo walk. Long exposures by the sea have different considerations than sunlit portraits in a city park. For me, legs tend to matter less than heads. Mostly legs are either good ...


From the Tripod link: Load capacity (kg) 8 From this random link about Pentax 67 lenses, the heaviest 165mm lens is: SMC Pentax 67 165mm f/2.8 .. 0.835 kg From Pentax 6x7 wiki, the camera: weighing 2.3 kilograms (5.1 lb) with the plain prism and standard (105 mm f/2.4) lens From the same lens link, the 105 f/2.4 lens weighs 0.59 kg, so your maximum ...


Yes, the Pentax KP built-in flash Guide Number is only about half the Pentax K-7. Page 128 of the Pentax KP user manual specifies the Guide Number at 6 meters. Page 312 of the Pentax K-7 user manual specifies the guide number at 13 meters. There is some speculation in online Pentax forums that the KP’s better ISO performance can make up for the weak onboard ...


Per the K7 has a guide number of 13 meters and the KP has a guide number of 6 meters. The inverse square law applies. The K7's flash provides appoximately 4.7 times more light output than the KP.

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