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For your specific camera, the other answers which state that the film you shot on is ruined and only the exposures you haven't shot can be used are correct. That camera winds film in the typical forward order: when loading a new roll of film, it winds the film on just a little to the first exposure, then pulls film out as you take photos, then rewinds it all ...


Breathe. Download the manual for your camera, and read it! Any film that was exposed to light when the camera back opened is no good anymore. Even if the film is wound back into the canister, it was spoiled the moment the camera back opened and the light hit it. Film that never emerged from the canister in the first place is still good - even if the camera ...


Consider that all the pictures you have taken in these two minutes are lost. Then the first picture you'll take after advancing the film to that same position will be lost too. The rest of the film that was still in the canister when you opened the camera should be OK (but IMHO it's safer to use a new roll).

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